DJM Property & Advisory has successfully acquired, developed and repositioned numerous commercial properties in recent years. We have a clear charter to grow our commercial property portfolio by bringing together like-minded investors to co-invest in assets that display the following characteristics:

  • CBD or inner metro locations with strong capital growth opportunity


  • Land rich assets providing a strong ‘after-life’ redevelopment story


  • Strong lease tenure ensuring consistent, stable and long term investor yield distributions

We adopt a value-add model meaning that we only acquire assets where we can re-position and add value either upfront or in the short term following acquisition. We identify undervalued assets and then create an upfront capital gain for our shareholders through short term re-development and/or repositioning. In doing so we structure our transactions so that there is no development or market risk to our co-shareholders and investors. Our clients are investing on a passive basis, not a speculative basis, however reaping the benefits of our investment ethos.

The current economic climate entails historically low fixed interest rate / term deposit returns together with continual share market volatility and broader uncertainty. We provide investors with stable and above market returns through direct commercial property investment in a structured and professional environment. Our dividends are paid monthly. Our ‘land rich’ ethos maximises future capital gain and our upfront ‘value add’ ethos ensures investor value.

Our property management, valuation, legal and accounting requirements are outsourced to highly regarded independent consultancies to ensure investor piece of mind and long-term certainty.

Commercial real estate investment provides a higher return compared to residential however the capital barriers to entry are higher. Under our syndication platform our co-investors can gain access to a direct commercial property asset investment otherwise not available.

In summary:

  • Bricks and mortar commercial property investment

  • Long term income and capital growth stability

  • Short term value-add and above market return compared to industry standard

  • Highly sophisticated and outsourced property management, valuation, legal and accounting disciplinces

  • Co-investment. We invest with our clients in every asset we acquire. ‘Skin in the game’ with a long-term investment perspective.